Photoelectric Plate Alignment + Blister Flattening
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Photoelectric Plate Alignment + Blister Flattening

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1.Application:Blister packing for medicine( pills such as tablet, capsule), liquid, jam and irregular shape product etc.
2.Packing material:Alu---PVC/PET/PS Alu/Alu Dialyzing Paper--- PVC/PET/PS
3.Machine feature: High speed , easy to operate with servo motor, PLC, touch screen control
4.Maximum packing material width: 270MM

Machine Brief 

The machine is suitable for capsule,tablet,big honey pill,candy,liquid,paste,syringe , as well as irregular shape Alu-PVC,paper-plastic composite and Alu-Alu sealing packing in pharmacy,healthcare,food,cosmetics,medical equipment industry etc, fully comply with 'GMP'.

Performance characteristics

1.Adopts Omron brand PLC programmable control, color touch-screen operation, frequency control speed, servo with reducer traction, traction length can be adjust freely (within parameters scope) to avoid the error that caused by artificial mechanical adjustment, significantly reduce labor intensity and material waste;

2.Main machine overload protection, PVC and PTP packaging material position detection and alarm shutdown, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic shutdown protection;

3.The feeder adopts air vibration feeding and hopper material position detection and control, in abundance reduce the stirring and friction order to protect the integrity of material;

4.Each working position of the whole adopts quick-loading design, suitable for multi-product production, easier and more reliable to change mould

5.Adopts special processing and assembly process to ensure that Alu foil is balance and do not run slating and shake, prompts the register more accurate and stable;

6.Automatic waste winding device, easy to collect waste, orderly finished output, the output ora installed conveyor to provide the necessary conditions for the following manufacturing;

7.One machine for two use, you can replace a small part of the structure to manufacture Aluminum-Plastic or aluminum-aluminum products;

8.The whole machine adopts separation connection design, easy to enter into lift and workshop.

Main Technical Parameter

Cutting Speed(Standard Sheet Size: 80mm×57mm×3)60 times/min
Capacity18000-36000 sheets /hour
Stroke Range30-120 mm
Max. Forming Area260×250mm
Max. Forming Depth12mm
Heating Power for Upper and Lower Forming Heating Plate 2KW×4
Heating Power for Heat-sealing3KW
Servo Motor Power0.75KW × 2
Power Supply and Total Power380V 50HZ 8.5KW
Air Pump Volume Flow≥0.5m3/min
Packing MaterialMedicinal PVC0.25×260mm
PTP Alu-foil0.02×260mm
Machine Dimension(L×W×H)4460×760×1620mm
Machine Weight1850Kg


Online technical service available:

1. Lifelong free online technical service is provided to users who have bought machine from our company.
2. Paid online technical service is also provided to users who haven't bought machine from our company, which are charged between US $100-5000 according to the service difficulty level.
3. The payment is collected in deposit and balance. A full refund will be made if the problem is not resolved.
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