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  • Visit Moscow after the 2023 Rosupack exhibition


    Short visit to Moscow after 2023 Rosupack exhibition. The vast land of Russia has created the broad mind of the Russians, as well as the brilliant art treasures and unique culture. Read More
  • Live Show Of 2023 Rosupack Packing Machinery Exhibition


    This is the first time for Hunan Migrand Machinery Technology Co., Ltd to participate ROSUPACK. For the exhibition, we assigned our sales and technical elites in the packing machinery industry, with a number of hot-selling filling and packing machines. It aimed at empowering production plants and trading enterprises in Russia and the Far East with environmentally friendly, economical and efficient one-stop supply chain solutions. Read More
  • Live Show Of CACE2023 Packing Machinery Exhibition


    This is the first agrochemical exhibition held after the epidemic. Probably most countries have not yet recovered economies from the epidemic, or for political factors and regional economic and trade changes, there are few visitors from Europe and the United States this year. According to the information HUNAN GRAND collected in the first day of the exhibition, the market economy in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions are more active. They are very interesting in our packing solutions and packing machinery. By the end of May 23rd, HUNAN GRAND has reached preliminary cooperation with 3 customers who are from Russia, Turkey and Vietnam separately. After the end of the exhibition, we will negotiate the further trade details. Read More
  • ROSUPACK2023 MiGrand Packing Machinery Exhibition


    Dear friends: Hunan Migrand Machinery Technology Co,Ltd will participate in the 27th International exhibition for the packaging industry held in Moscow from 6—9 June 2023. Read More
  • CACE2023 MiGrand Agrochemica Packing Machinery Exhibition


    Dear friends:Our company will participate in the 23rd China International Agrochemical& Crop Protection Exhibition held in Shanghai from 23-25 May2023.Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)West Entrance: No.1888. Zhuguang RoadSouth Entrance: No. 168. East Yinggang RoadBooth N Read More
  • Liquid filling and sealing machine videos keep continuously uploading


    Water cutting, also known as water knife, English name is high pressure water cutting, that is, high-pressure water jet cutting technology. It is a machine that uses high-pressure water flow to cut. Under the control of the computer, the workpiece can be carved arbitrarily, and it is less affected b Read More
  • Hunan Migrand Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.


    Who we are ?Hunan Migrand Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd has established the manufacturing system of pharmaceutical and packing machinery based on GMP,CE requirement, ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System. The technology foundation of us can be traced back since 1999. MissionWe devote t Read More
On the basis of more than 20 years of manufacturing technology, we always adhere to the principle of customer first, do every detail work in the spirit of craftsmanship, and provide the most timely and effective after-sales service.
Hunan Grand Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd( with Hunan Grand International Trade Co.,ltd as the marketing and exporting company) is specialized in the pharmaceutical and packing machinery for almost 20 years, such as plastic ampoule forming filling and sealing machine, capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, strip packaging machine, cartoning machine etc.

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