Visit Moscow after the 2023 Rosupack exhibition
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Visit Moscow after the 2023 Rosupack exhibition

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Short visit to Moscow after 2023 Rosupack exhibition.

The vast land of Russia has created the broad mind of the Russians, as well as the brilliant art treasures and unique culture.

I.The Kremlin in Red Square

Red Square is the oldest square in Moscow. It is a place to witness major historical events. It is also a place to hold mass rallies, large-scale celebrations and military parades on important Russian festivals. It is one of the most famous squares in the world.

The Kremlin is connected with the Red Square in the southeast and is triangular. It is the most important building in the Red Square. It is the most famous historical monument of the Russian nation and one of the most beautiful works of architecture in the world.

II. Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is recognized as the most beautiful subway in the world.Colorful marble, granite, ceramics and multicolored glass are inlaid with various reliefs, carvings and murals, and the lighting lamps are very unique, like a magnificent palace, enjoying the reputation of "underground art palace".

Even in the current state of war, Moscow still embodies its unique charm.The fellow tourists were not affected at all, and they really deserved to be a fighting nation.

live show 2023 Rosupack exhibition

If you are interested in the exhibition and our machinery, Click on the picture above to view the show news

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