How To Debug The Bottle Filling And Capping Production Line(1)?
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How To Debug The Bottle Filling And Capping Production Line(1)?

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liquid filling and capping line

This is a video of the debugging of a fully automatic piston quantitative filling production line. The whole process is divided into three parts.

Section I of the video:Adjust the bottle feeding machine and the width of the bottle inlet of the turntable according to the size of the round bottles.

1)Operating principle: Automatic piston type filling machine is through the up and down

movement of the cylinder at the same time, corresponding material cylinder piston do

reciprocating motion, so that the material before the cylinder cavity to produce negative

pressure, and the signal valve control cylinder stroke, can adjust the volume of filling, so

as to achieve accurate filling effect. (See schematic diagram).

2)Property: The Filling Machine with extra functions is designed and manufactured by our

factory with reference to the same kind of foreign machines. This machine is simpler and easier in operation, error correction, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.

Technical parameters

Specification Content Parameter
Model Verticaltype□ Horizontaltype□
GTPaste□ YTLiquid□
Voltage(AC) 110V□ 220V□ 3P220V□ 3P380V□
Power ()W
Fillingnozzle ()heads
FillingSpeed 2headfillingmachineforabout6-10bottles/min
(Theexperiment 4headfillingmachineforabout12to20bottles/min
wasconducted 6headfillingmachineforabout18to30bottles/min
with1000ml 8headfillingmachineforabout24to40bottles/min
water) 10headfillingmachineabout30-50bottle/min

RatingAirPressure 0.4-0.6MPa
FillingPrecision ±1%
Filling specs Nominalrange(ml) Optimalrange Themachinemodel
range (ml) (√)

100 5~130 20~100

280 10~330 30~300

500 30~550 50~500

1000 80~1100 100~1000

2000 450-2100 500-2000

2800 650~3100 700~3000

5000 950~5100 1000~5000

More instructions View video

Section II of the video

Section III of the video

Operating instructions


Online technical service available:

1. Lifelong free online technical service is provided to users who have bought machine from our company.
2. Paid online technical service is also provided to users who haven't bought machine from our company, which are charged between US $100-5000 according to the service difficulty level.
3. The payment is collected in deposit and balance. A full refund will be made if the problem is not resolved.
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