Automatic Toothpaste Tube Cartoning Machine
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Automatic Toothpaste Tube Cartoning Machine

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  • GDC-130



The Toothpaste automatic cartoning machine is a high technology carton packing equipment , it has been widely used for boxes packing in medicine , food , daily necessities , hardware , electronics , toys ,auto . parts and other industries . With automatic goods feeding , box opening ,goods encasing . box NO.Printing,box sealing and scrap rejecting,the machine can be easily operated and reduce labor costs for customers.The machine can work well as independence,and also can operate with other packing machines to be as a packing machine line.

1.The GDC-130 Horizontal Cartoning Machine is capable of reliably loading items with a stable or regular shape within a certain size range into cartons of specific specifications and sealing the cartons for delivery. It is suitable for carton packaging of various toys,medicines, food, cosmetics and other related industries.

2.GDC-130 horizontal cartoning machine can meet the user's requirements for changing product specifications, with few replacement mold types, short mold production cycle, easy assembly and debugging. It is not only suitable for the production needs of users in large batches of a single variety, but also can meet the needs of users to produce small quantities of multiple varieties.

It is compact in size, which can be used individually or connected to the blister packing machine or cellophane wrapping machine( or shrink packing machine).The stable production speed is around 50-80 boxes per min.

cartoning machine types of cartons

Application scope of cartoning machine

The machine working process

It can finish a series of complicated process, including product feeding, transferring on the conveyor, folding leaflet (into 1-4 fold(s)) and box sucking, opening, shaping and product pushing into the box, batch No embossing or ink jet printing( optional), box tuck-in closing or hot melt glue sealing, and final product output.

Main Technical Parameters
Cartoning speed
20-50 cartons/min
30-80 cartons/min
30-70 cartons/min
30-120 cartons/min
Carton Quality
250-350g/m2 (depending on carton size)
Carton Size(LWH-mm)
Carton Fold
1-4 folds
Air ressure
Air consumption
Power supply
220V, 50HZ
380V 50Hz
Motor power
Dimensions (mm)
Machine weight
About 450KG
About 1100KG
About 1600KG
About 1500KG

cartoning machine model


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