How To Recycle Medication blister packs
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How To Recycle Medication blister packs

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At present, many countries generally adopt manual multi-person and multi-step operation for the powder recovery method, firstly, an aluminum-plastic plate picking machine is required to be purchased to remove capsules from an aluminum-plastic plate, then a powder returning machine is used to open the capsules, the capsules are mixed with the powder after the capsules are opened, a vibrating screen is required to be purchased to completely separate the powder from the capsules, and the operation process is complicated.
In addition, cross contamination is easily generated in the operation process of a plurality of steps, unnecessary working time is wasted, and the overall medicine powder recovery efficiency is reduced.

This equipment is the project of aluminum-plastic drug stripper in the preparation workshop of the pharmaceutical company.The invention relates to an aluminum-plastic medicine stripping machine, which is an automatic tablet stripping machine for recovering medicines in an aluminum-plastic blister packaging medicine plate with defects.The machine peels off the whole sheet of blister aluminum foil tablets from the defective packaging sheet, and collects the granules separately from the packaging material through the guide plate and the granule blocking rubber plate.

The machine has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, strong flexibility, convenient operation and cleaning, and is particularly suitable for timely recovery and solution of capsules with problems in the capsule production process in a preparation workshop.The powder extraction rate of the machine can reach more than 99%. In the process of opening the capsule, the capsule body cap is intact without shell fragments. After sieving, it can ensure that there are no fine shell impurities in the powder. The machine is suitable for capsules: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 # and other capsules.

In addition, our company has developed a multifunctional automatic stripping blister and capsule-opening powder-taking machine on the basis of the above machine. The machine has comprehensive functions and can be used for multiple purposes. First, the capsule is peeled, then the capsule is opened, and finally the capsule is sieved. The peeling and opening can be operated separately and independently. One equipment is equivalent to three sets of equipment.Globally, so far, this kind of equipment is a practical model that fully conforms to the actual production of pharmaceutical enterprises and is suitable for the use of the preparation capsule workshop.

stripping blister and capsule-opening powder-taking machine

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