How To Change Mold for Softgel Encapsulation Machine
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How To Change Mold for Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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Softgel encapsulation machine canquantificationally inject the oil,mixing suspenion and pasty mass into the capsule to form all kinds of softgel encapsulation with different size, shape and color.
Because of the merits of high speed disintegration, easy to oral, hard to oxygenation,easy to storeand take, the softgel encapsulation is welcomed by more and more coustomers.
Owing to the high productivity,charging exactly,quality stabilization, high finished product rate, it is favoured by more and more manufacturers and used in the fields of medicine, health products, cosmetic and paintball and so on .
This product has passed provincial-level appraise of new product and the certification of EU, adopted two items of patent technology in manucturing with exquisite workmanship.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the softgel capsule machine for users, we took this video of changing the mold. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in machine maintenance.

0.00--0.02 Turn off the injector heating, put a clean towel under the injector to protect it before we change the mould

0.03--0.10 Remove the two heating rods

0.13--0.34 Loosen the screw

0.34--0.36 Press the button injector up

0.42--0.49 Remove the injector

0.50--1.05 Clean the injector and placed back into the mold box;

1.09-1.35 Loosen the screw

1.37--1.52 Remove a mould

1.54--2.11 Remove the other mould

2.12--2.23 Install the mold, the side with the letters will be placed outside

2.25--2.40 Tighten the screws

2.42--3.01 Tighten the screw until it can’t move

3.01--3.17 Lightly tap with a rubber hammer, and tighten the screw until it can't be screwed

3.18--3.24 Install the injector

3.25--4.10 Change the gear, the gear of each mould is different

4.12--4.25 Install the injector, paying attention to the alignment of the filling holes

4.26--4.46 Tighten the screws

4.48--5.03 The horizontal line of the green injector and the horizontal line of the mold are in the same line;

5.03  Turn the screw clockwise to adjust the filling

5.14--5.24 Install the two heating rods, after the heating rods are installed, put a paper plug between the two heating heads to prevent the heating tube from slipping out

5.24-- 5.28 Press the button injector up, press injector heating and feeding gelatin pipe heating

5.31--6.06 Install gelatin film

6.10--6.43 Machine running

Main Features:

Strong production capacity, it can produce 370 million granules (Take the 200C for example, No.8 oval shape, 3rpm, 24 hours / day, 300 days/year).

Medicine injecting part adopts advanced linearity driving system, and ensure that the precision of charging and filling is less than 2%.

Advanced water cooling system, can avoid to the pollution by air. Capsule package rate is up to 98%.

The gelatine ribbon is iubricated by fine oil supply technology in order to lower the consumption of iubrication oil.

If the ribbon is iubricated by vegetable oil, so the capsules produced is free of wash. High quality capsule deferent equipment adopts food conveyer belt authorized by American FDA, without poison and adhibition and easy to clean.

Optimized designed mould is made of high quality aviation alloy material by high precision numerical control process to ensure the mould's service life. Advanced process and assembly technics make the complete appliance quality stabilization , high working rate, and good shape pill.

Adopt automatic system project of supplying capsule and material to reduce workers' labor intensity and improve the working environment, which accords with the requirement of GMP.

The liquid level in the gelatin box is fixed automatically in the constant position, and the centigrade mater display the thickness of rubber, which is easy and accurate in adjustment.

The power of main motor is 1.5KW, which can avoid the phenomenon of  insufficient driving power when the content is rather thick.( Tack 200 model for example). Adopt the nonpoisonous materials to human body or now dropping matters into medicine liquid in this machine and medicine liquid,and the touching parts for gelatin.

Main Technical Parameters

Model ltem


Rotary Speed of Die Roll


Supplying Volume for Flow Single-pillar


Content Uniformity


Power for Main Machine


Pillar   quantity


Overall Size of Main Machine


Weight  of  Main  Machine





Number of Cavities

Capacity of The Medium



























Online technical service available:

1. Lifelong free online technical service is provided to users who have bought machine from our company.
2. Paid online technical service is also provided to users who haven't bought machine from our company, which are charged between US $100-5000 according to the service difficulty level.
3. The payment is collected in deposit and balance. A full refund will be made if the problem is not resolved.
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