GD-2D Capsule Counter And Bottle Filling Machine
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GD-2D Capsule Counter And Bottle Filling Machine

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Product Description

This machine is a semi-automatic counting and bottle filling machine for capsule, tablets, soft gel capsule, and pills. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, herbal, food and chemical industries.

Product Features

1.Machine is with high speed photoelectrical technology, counting and bottle filling is fast and accurately.
2.Machine is small, easy to use, clean, and maintain.
3.Counting is in digitals/numbers, the counting range is 0-9999.
4.The capsule container is with vibrating device, feeding automatically, feeding speed can be regulated.
5.There is assembled dust exhaust connect device.
6.Machine can be assembled transmit belt and PLC control system, optional, extra cost, that could be a part of automatic production line.

Pharmaceutical counting bottling line

Before operating:

(1)Check whether the glass turntable and vibrator are stopped.

(2)Check the glass turntable and the vibrating discharge tank, no other sundries.

(3)Orbiter adjustment method:

1.The outer track and the inner track should be parallel to each other, the width is slightly larger than the diameter of the tablet or capsule, and the discharge port should be placed in the middle of the electric eye seat.

2.The front end of the outer orbiter should be attached to the circumference so that the capsule will be smooth when sliding.

3.Adjust the orbiter to a height slightly greater than the thickness of the tablet.

4.     In accordance with the size of bottle mouth and drug granule, choose the appropriate feeding mouth.

5.     Adjust the lifting height, feeding mouth slightly higher than the bottle.

6.     Adjust the width of the conveyor belt guardrail, slightly width of the diameter of the bottle, so that it is smooth through;Adjust the limit cylinder to align the bottle mouth with the feeding port.

7.     Check whether the 2 sets of power off switches on the conveyor belt (waiting bottle, full bottle) are aligned with the reflector.

8.     Connect with the air compressor and connect with the pneumatic pressure regulating valve.

9.     Set the quantity, start the turntable and vibrator slowly, check whether the granule slides smoothly and whether the digital display is correct. If all is normal, the number is reset to zero, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to achieve the best effect of decanting.

And then start the operation.

Pharmaceutical counting machine

Technical Parameter

Product Name Pill Tablet Capsule Counting Medicine Count Capsule bottle filling Machine
Model GD-8 Auto GDS-A GD-2D GD-4 GD-2A
Size(mm) 1360*1250*1600 1400*680*1100 1480*780*1600 920*740*880 440*370*580
Voltage 110-220V 50-60HZ
Weight 300Kg 220kg 180KG 75KG 20KG
Power 600W 1.2KW 0.5KW 150W 100W
Capacity 10~30 bottles/min 300-700pcs/min 10-20 bottles/min 2000-4000pcs/min 500-1500pcs/min
1#capsule Remark


,Around 1000-3000pcs/min.



Around 2200pcs/min. Around 550pcs/min.
r-tablet 11*7mm Remark invalid Around 3700pcs/min. Around 800pcs/min.
Capsule Size #000 - #5 capsule
Round Tablet/pills Size dia. 6-20mm, thickness ≥4mm. It can be customized if the tablet size is larger.
Oval Strip Tablet Size #000 - #5, thickness ≥4mm


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