GD-2 Softgel Counting And Bottle Filling Machine
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GD-2 Softgel Counting And Bottle Filling Machine

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  • GD-2


GD-2 Semi automatic counting machineis a semi-automatic counting and bottle filling machine for capsules, tablets, soft gel capsules, and pills. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, herbal, food and chemical industries.

This GD-2 capsule tablet counting and bottle filling machine has been designed and developed to count & fill different shapes or size of products accurately like soft gel capsules, hard capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into containers or vials.
The counter machine can be adjusted to count capsules or tablets between 1-9999 pcs per bottle without changing spare parts.

softgel counter bottling line


1) Vertical pathway compensated type counting(patented technology), the counting precision can reach up to 100%, which avoids the big error for counting precision in the traditional vibrating or rotating type. 

2) Vertical pathway compensated type counting(patented technology), it can realize the set of any capsule bottle filling number without changing the mold for the same size capsule, so it is very convenient and fast. 

3) The main machine adopts frequency control, which can realize soft start speed adjusting, it is reliable and steady and can bare pretty big starting torque. 

4) The bottle conveying is the conveyor type, which reserves the connector for customer in the future to the auxiliary equipment( such as bottle unscramber, capping machine etc) 

5) The control adopts touch screen and PLC, which can set any parameters in a short time. 

6) The optical control technology to automatically inspect if there is bottle lacking or bottle turnover, which helps to reduce the capsule wasting by auto alarming. 

7) All the molds adopts cylindrical pin design, it only needs around 5 minutes to change the mold among different capsule size, which is fast and convenient. 

8) All the parts contact with medicine adopts SS304, which meets with GMP strictly.

softgel counting machine list

Technical Parameter

Product Name Pill Tablet Capsule Counting Medicine Count Capsule bottle filling Machine
Model GD-2A GD-2B GD-2 GD-4 GD-8 Auto
Size(mm) 440*370*580 420*420*780 810*720*840 920*740*880 1360*1250*1600
Voltage 110-220V 50-60HZ
Weight 20KG 45kg 65KG 75KG 300Kg
Power 100W 80W 100W 150W 600W
Capacity 500-1500pcs/min 10-20 bottles/min 1000-2000pcs/min 2000-4000pcs/min 10~30 bottles/min
1#capsule Remark Around 550pcs/min. 100hole,Around 1200pcs/min. Around 1400pcs/min. Around 2200pcs/min. 100pcs/bottle,Around 1000-3000pcs/min.
r-tablet 11*7mm Remark Around 800pcs/min. Around 2400pcs/min. Around 3700pcs/min.
Capsule Size #000 - #5 capsule
Round Tablet/pills Size dia. 6-20mm, thickness ≥4mm. It can be customized if the tablet size is larger.
Oval Strip Tablet Size #000 - #5, thickness ≥4mm


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