GD400 Animal-style Facial Mask Making Machine
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GD400 Animal-style Facial Mask Making Machine

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  • GD400


VPD400 facial mask making machine

Fully Automatic Facial Mask Packing Machine(In-Line Bagging)

Mask production packaging machine: fully meet the requirements of pharmaceutical grade GMP
production equipment, only the roll film feeding can complete the test, cut film forming, fold mask, online bag making (or prefabricated bag), add essence liquid, seal the bag and so on.

It can replace the punching machine, forming machine, folding machine, filling machine, sealing machine and other equipment in the traditional manual workshop production. It not only replaces the labor force of 8-15 people and the use area of workshop, but also effectively solves the secondary pollution problems in the production process of products.

animal-style mask

facial mask sample


1.  Automatic production of mask production packaging, saving 8-15 people's labor force.
2.  The entire production process is completed in the shield to ensure that the mask is free from contamination.
3.  The whole machine fully meets the requirements of GMP certification.
4.  Save labor and save 20-30% of the cost of packaging materials.
5.  Easy adjustment of changing bag type and wide applicability of convenient bag.
6.  The whole machine adjusts the servo setting, which is stable and easy to use.
7.  Balcony design, drive station, work station separation, safe and reliable.
8.  The filling process can be inspected manually with naked eyes, or the black spots or unqualified products can be selected and added to the online visual inspection.
9.  Use high-end metering pump filling precision high plus or minus 1 gram.

Main Technical Parameters

VPD 250(wet wipes)
VPD 98(facial mask)
VPD 400(facial mask)
VPD 800(wet wipes)
Pack type
Three-side seal, four-side seal or be customized
pouch type
film forming
pouch feeding
film forming
film forming
Packing machine
Fabric material
30-80g/m2 wet strength paper, non-woven etc
Facial mask:30-80g/m2 spunlance non-woven fabric, silk etc. The reel core diameter is 75mm and outer diameter is 350mm.
40-120g/m2 non-woven , wet strength paper etc
Pack size(mm)
L: 40-140 W: 40-110 Or customized
L: 150 - 200 W: 100 -180 Or customized
L/W: 45-55 Or customized
Packing speed
110-150 pcs/min
100-150 pcs /min
50- 70 pcs/min
800-1200 pcs/min
Folding type
W/Z folding,Up to 10 vertical folding and 4 horizontal folding or customized
Liquid filling range
0-5 ml
0-50ml essence or liquid Filling error: ±1%
Viscosity coefficient: below 20000cp(CREST)
Power supply
1-phase, 2-wire, 220V, 50/60Hz
3-phase, 4-wire, 380V, 50/60Hz, about 32Kw
380V, 50/60Hz, 18kw
3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz, 8.8Kw
Machine size(mm)
2800* 2800 * 1800
14500 * 2800 * 2200
7300 * 2860 * 2230
4370 * 1700* 1700
Machine weight

Working Process:

Die-cut→mask fold→forming bag→feeding mask→bag cutting→injecting→sealing→output

VPD 400 facial mask maker machineVPD400 facial mask die cutVPD400 facial mask foldVPD400 facial mask foldingVPD400 facial mask bag sealingVPD400 facial mask inserting and liquid fillingVPD400 facial mask pouch sealing


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