CTS-180 Horizontal Sachet Forming Filling Sealing Packaging Machine
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CTS-180 Horizontal Sachet Forming Filling Sealing Packaging Machine

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What is Horizontal sachet forming filling sealing packaging machine?

Horizontal packaging machines and specializes in theproduction of flexible bag packaging equipment.

Packaging bag types include flat bags, self-supporting bags, zipper bags, special-shaped bags, self-supporting bags, flat bags withspouts, and self-supporting bags with spouts.

How does a thermoforming filling sealing machine work?

Thermoforming filling sealing machine is to heat the thermoformable plastic such as PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PS/PE, PS/EVOH/PE, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE etc and blow the heated and soften plastic in the forming mould to obtain the required pouch shape and size, fill the liquid and semi-liquid or solid(powder/granules,etc.) from the auto pump and then seal , punch to get the final required single serve package.

Application for thermoforming filling sealing machine

suitable for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.

The horizontal packaging machine is suitable for packaging dry powders, granules, liquids, Gels, etc.

Technical characteristics

1.  Using PLC control, packing speed is fast, running smoothly,failure rate is low and energy consumption is low.

2.  Independent material filling device can effectively avoid backlashand splash of fine powder materials and ensure sealing quality.

3. Three-sided sealing and four-sided sealing are optional, makingbags flat and beautiful in appearance.

4. Different filling mechanisms can realize different packaging of powder,liquid, granule and sauce.

Process Flow Chart

Fim Unwind

Zipper mechanism

Zipper Guide

Bag Forming

Fim Guide

Bottom Seal

First Vertcal Seal

Second Verical Seal

Pressure angle


Swyo Adyinge


Pouch Catching

Pouch Qpening


Top Seal

Fnshed Product


Main Technical Parameters

model CTS-130 CTS-180 CTS-180T CTS-1600 CTS-2000/2600
Min size(mm) 60*75 50*80 50*80 80*120 60*100
Max size(mm) 140*180 180*225 90*180 180*250 200*250
Packaging capacity range 160ml 400ml 100ml 500CC 100-1000ml
Packaging speed 40- 80ppm 40-80ppm 100-160ppm 50ppm 60-120ppm
power 4.5Kw 4.5kw 4.5kw 6kw 8kw
oxygen consumption 300NL/Min 200 NL/min 200 NL/min 80L/min 0.6Mpa 120L/min 0.6Mpa
Equipment size 2850*940*1450 3500*970*1500 3500*970*1500 5500*970*1390 6600*1100*2800
weight 800Kg 1160kg 1160kg 2000kg 3000kg
function Roll film make pouch(3/4 side seal,Flat/Twin-link/spout) Pouch giving/Roll film make pouch doypack/spout doypack/zipper doypack/Special-shaped doypack

Filler and Feeder

filler and feeder


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