How To Replace The Dpp80 Blister Packaging Machine Mold
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How To Replace The Dpp80 Blister Packaging Machine Mold

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  • DPP80



Step 1: Replace the forming mold

Open the protective cover of the forming station

Remove the air pressure tube

Loosen the pneumatic screw and the fixing nut of the forming die

Take down the upper cover plate and the upper mold of the forming mold

Press the inching key to lower the forming die to the lower position and separate it from the film roll.

Loosen the fixing screws of the lower cover plate, open the cabinet door, and remove the air pressure pipe.

The lower die of the forming die is taken out.

For example, in the video, we can see that the machine mainly has three molds, namely, forming mold, heat sealing mold and punching mold.

Now install the forming mold, lift the forming station by inching, install the lower forming mold on the bottom plate of the station, and install the pneumatic tube.Assemble and align the upper die, place the upper cover plate and fix the nut, and install the pneumatic nut.Put in the trachea.Install the protective cover.At this point, the replacement of the molding die is completed.

Step 2: Replace the heat-sealing mold

Press jog to move away from the traction station

Loosen the screws on the upper cover plate of the heat sealing station, and remove the upper heat sealing module (heating plate and upper heat sealing module).

Loosen the fixing screws of the die set, and take out the heat-sealing upper die (the upper die contains the steel die set).

Open the case, remove the air pipe of the heat-sealing lower die from the inside, loosen the fixing screw, and take out the heat-sealing lower die.

Now install the heat sealing mold. First, we fix the upper mold with the heating plate.Fix the upper module on the upper cover plate of the heat sealing station, lower the upper cover plate when fixing, and then tighten the screws to observe whether they are aligned.

Raise the heat-sealing station, and we install the heat-sealing lower die.The side with the trachea is placed to the left.After observing the alignment, tighten the screws and insert the air tube.

At this point, the replacement of the heat-sealing mold is completed.

Step 3: Replace the punching die

Loosen the cover plate nut on the punching station.Remove the upper cover plate.Then remove the upper die and loosen the fixing screws of the lower die.Remove the lower die for punching and cutting.

Now install the punching die: install the lower die first, put the fixed bottom plate on the side with the gap to the left, observe the alignment and tighten the screws.

Install the upper die and the upper cover plate, and tighten the screws.

Observe whether the punching die is installed correctly (the upper and lower dies are triangular and symmetrical).

At this point, the forming mold, the heat sealing mold, and the punching mold are all replaced.

Blister Packing Machine Working Process:

(PET/PVC/HIPS) Roll Unwinding→Heating→Position Forming→Capsule Feeding or Liquid Fill→Printed Aluminum Foil/Printed Film Position Hot Sealing→Batch No. Impress(optional)→Servo Traction→Date Inkjet Printing (Optional)→Cutting→Final Products conveying out automatically.

Main Technical Parameters






Punch frequency

10-33 times/min

10-35 times/min

10-35 times/min

10-40 times/min

Max. Forming Area





Max Forming Depth

(can be customized)


Stroke range





Air pressure


Total power supply

(can be customized)

220V 50Hz, 2.8KW

380V 50Hz, 3.8KW

380V 50Hz, 3.8KW

380V 50Hz, 8.5KW

PVC hard Film



( 0.15-0.5)*180mm


PTP Aluminum film





Dialysis Paper





Mould cooling

Tap water or recycling water

Overall Dimension






Machine Weight





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2. Paid online technical service is also provided to users who haven't bought machine from our company, which are charged between US $100-5000 according to the service difficulty level.
3. The payment is collected in deposit and balance. A full refund will be made if the problem is not resolved.
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