Korea-Facial Mask Production Line
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Korea-Facial Mask Production Line

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This is a video of the production line of Meidi Huier facial mask in Korea.

MEDIHEAL is a skin care brand of LP Cosmetics in Korea.

Originally, the company's mask production equipment was purchased from Italy, but because of the poor management of Italian machinery manufacturers, it was unable to provide after-sale services after the closure.

So the customer bought our high-speed mask production equipment in 2014.The production line has a capacity of 7,500 masks per hour.So far, the machine is running stably and the customer is satisfied.Subsequently, two mask production lines and four cosmetic wipes production lines were added.

GD400 Animal facial mask making machine

Mediheal Reservoir Facial Mask

Mediheal Reservoir Injection Mask is a cosmeceutical mask developed by LP, a professional cosmeceutical company in Korea, and ten dermatologists in Korea after ten years.

By apply that stem cell protein and plant fiber facial mask patch technology, the ingredient and the principle of the traditional cosmetic needle are applied to the facial mask, and the nutritional ingredients with different effects are quickly and accurately deliver to the cell wall through the working principle of the stem cell.

Mediheal Bamboo Charcoal Mineral Mask

This mask uses bamboo charcoal made from chestnut trees produced in Kishu, Japan, which is called "golden charcoal" in Japan.On the one hand, the long charcoal rich in mineral ingredients can provide mineral ingredients to the skin, regulate sebum, and make the skin moist and refreshing.On the other hand, the loose and porous structure makes the activated carbon have super adsorption capacity, which can effectively purify the dirt in the pores. Through the purification effect, the skin can be kept transparent and clean, so as to achieve the effect of "black" absorption and brighten the skin tone.

In addition to the ability to brighten skin tone, this black mask is also rich in ingredients such as bitter white hoof extract and zinc PCA, which can shrink pores and regulate excessive sebum, so there is no need to worry about large pores.In addition, grape extract and green tea healing culture extract can provide elasticity to the skin, so you will feel that the facial skin is obviously tender and smooth after application.

GD98 facial mask making machine

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