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Filling Pump Knowledge Training

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Today, we conducted training on precision metering pumps and filling systems.In the training, I learned the filling pump configuration scheme in different materials, capacity requirements and different budget situations.Also learned the latest pump filling measurement methods, working principles and other professional knowledge, benefit a lot.This kind of professional skills learning is very helpful for us to design solutions for our customers.

Provided by MiGrand Machinery Electric valveless plunger pump, pneumatic plunger pump, servo drive plunger pump and other products.And to provide customers with one-stop production of filling and packaging machinery product solutions.

Provide injection and unloading systems for pharmaceutical, biological, food, cosmetics, medical devices, new energy lithium battery injection and other systems.We provide injection solutions for pharmaceutical, biological, food, cosmetics, medical equipment, new energy lithium battery injection and other systems. We actively innovate products to develop more product solutions with stable performance, good quality and high cost performance for market demand. 

precision ceramic rotary valve pump

Partial filling pump parameters

Model PlungerDia Stroke DispensingVol CycleRate
GD-12 15MM 70MM 1-12ML 0-60times/min
GD-25 22MM 2-25ML
GD-50 30MM 4-49ML
GD-100 45MM 70MM 10-110ML 0-50times/min
GD-200 60MM 80MM 20-226ML 0-40times/min
GD-R4-55 54mm 25mm 0-57ML 0-60times/min
GD-R4-110 50mm 0-114ml 0-40times/min
GD-R4-170 75mm 0-171ml 0-30times/min
GD-R4-220 100mm 0-228ml 0-25times/min
GD-R5-500 80mm 110mm 0-550ML 0-30times/min
GD-R5-1000 114mm 110mm 0-1100ML 0-25times/min
GD-R5-2000 114mm 200mm 0-2040ML 0-20times/min
GD-04/05/7-N 4/5/7mm
4-80ul/r 0-200times/min


GD-10/13-N 10/13mm
0.1-0.9ML/r 0-150times/min

GD-15/22-N 15/22mm
0.3-2.8ML/r 0-120times/min

GD-25/36-N 25/36mm
1-12ML/r 0-100times/min

GD-50-N 50mm
5-50ML/r 0-80times/min

Filling pump applications

GeneralIndustry Cosmetics Food Pharmaceuticals
Acid Glue/Adhesive Perfume EssentialOil Jam Yogurt Potion Blood Testing Tube
Alkali Battery Electrolyte Vanishing NailPolish Mustard Pudding Plasma Culture Solution
Reagent Capacitor Electrolyte Skincare Thermal Insulation Fluid Condim ent Honey Biological Preparation Oral Solution
Ink UVGlue Shampoo Mascara Sauce Tomato Juice Antibiotic Vaccine Soft Capsule
E-Liquid Oil/Grease Lipstick Hyaluronic Acid Butter Chocolate Gel Vaseline

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