Indonesia-Soft Candy Pillow Sachet Packing Machine
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Indonesia-Soft Candy Pillow Sachet Packing Machine

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1. The packaging machine is specially designed for the packaging of some bulk, soft, strip-shaped materials without distinction between front and back. The longitudinal sealing device of the machine is on the upper part of the packaged material, which can alleviate the impact of heat sealing on the packaged material.

pillow sachet packing machine

2. It is suitable for the packaging of goods that can not be affected by heat, and has introduced a model that can solve the collective packaging of some super-large goods, which solves the problem of packaging automation for customers and saves a lot of costs without pallets.

3.The combination of three servo motors and PLC control makes the machine run more smoothly, does not leave empty bags when packing, and does not waste packaging materials.Compared with manual bag packaging, the machine can save more than 20% of the cost of each bag, and at the same time improve the added value and grade of products.The equipment can be linked with the production equipment at the front end and the cartoning machine and cartoning machine at the back end.

pillow packing machine

Performance characteristics:

1, that structure is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and advance, and the operation is simple and easy to understand;

2, Japan Panasonic PLC control system, touch screen human-machine interface, operation interface, simple operation, easy maintenance.

3. PLC and servo motor system are used for coordinated control to realize multi-axis coordinated motion control and complete the coordination of feeding, film feeding and transverse sealing and cutting axis.Prevent empty package and automatically detect online packaging with materials.

4. It has the functions of empty package detection, material displacement detection, and middle seal scald removal during shutdown.

5, with positioning shutdown function, do not stick to the knife, do not waste the envelope.

And 6, that electronic shaft is adopt to realize synchronous operation, so that the mechanical vibration and abrasion are reduced, and the rotate speed of the machine is improved.

7. The fault diagnosis prompt is clear at a glance, and the use is more user-friendly;

8. Built-in temperature control module, independent PID temperature control, accurate temperature control, better suitable for various packaging materials.

9. The combination of high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color code tracking and PLC control system makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate;

10, the transmission system is simple and clear, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance;

11. The package length adjustment can be set directly on the touch screen, and the program automatically adjusts to the set length.

12, rotary (reciprocating optional) end sealing structure, sealing firm, sealing film cutter without loss.

13. Equipped with optional end seal pin device, the bag shape is more beautiful and the product grade is improved.

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