GD 16 Channel Chewing Gum Counting Bottling Machine
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GD 16 Channel Chewing Gum Counting Bottling Machine

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  • GD-16



GD-16 counting and bottle filling machine

Working principle

◆ GD-16 Electric Counting Machine (Vibration for feeding, rejecting defectives)

In the bottle conveying mechanism, the bottle stopper on bottle feeding track block bottles from the last procedure in the bottling position for filling. Under the vibration of the feeding corrugated plate, the products orderly enter the silo where the counting photoelectric sensor is installed. The products fall into the medicine silo and are quantitatively counted by the photoelectric counting sensor, and then filled into the bottle at the bottling position.

Main features

1) Good compatibility, applicable for counting and bottling solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills, etc.;

2) Vibration for feeding: 16-channel vibration and unique patented flap dispensing mechanism for feeding uniformly and stably without damage to products;

3) Suitable for dusty environment: using our original anti-dust photoelectric sensing technology, which can work stably in dusty environment;

4) Accurate counting: count by photoelectric sensor automatically, and bottling error is less than the national standard;

5) Feeding nozzle with special cylinder vibrating structure can avoid product blockage, even bottles with a small mouth can also be quickly fed;

6) High intelligent, no bottles no count, fault self-detection and other detection and alarm functions;

7) Complement functions: with photoelectric sensor automatic detection, if there is no bottle, the machine will shutdown automatically;

8) Simple operation: with intelligent design, various operating parameters are set according to different requirements;

9) Easy maintenance: operators only need simple training to operate the machine, which is easy and convenient to disassemble, clean and replace parts without special tools;

10) Sealed and dustproof: equipped with a dust removal box to reduce dust pollution (optional).

Pharmaceutical counting bottling line

Key technical parameters

Suitable bottles: round or square plastic bottles of 10~500ml;

Filling materials: capsules of 00~5#, gel capsules, φ5.5~22 tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar coated tablets, φ3~22 pills, etc.;

Production capacity: 50~100bottles/min (depends on bottle size, feeding quantity, and medicines size);

Filling range: 1~9999

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz, 1.2kw

Accuracy: > 99.8% (higher than the industry standard)

Air supply: 0.6Mpa

Overall dimension: 1760×1650×1650mm

Weight: 550kg

Pharmaceutical counting machine

Technical Parameter

Product Name Pill Tablet Capsule Counting Medicine Count Capsule bottle filling Machine
Model GD-8 Auto GD-16 Auto GD-2D Auto GD-4 GD-2 GD-2A GD-2B
Size(mm) 1360*1250*1600 1760*1650*1650 1480*780*1600 920*740*880 810*720*840 440*370*580 420*420*780
Voltage 110V/220V/380V 50-60HZ or customized
Weight 300Kg 550kg 180KG 75KG 65KG 20KG 45kg
Power 600W 1.2KW 0.5KW 150W 100W 100W 80W
Capacity 10~50 bottles/min 50~100 bottles/min 10-20 bottles/min 2000-4000pcs/min 1000-2000pcs/min 500-1500pcs/min 10-20 bottles/min
1#capsule Remark 100pcs/bottle,Around 1000-3000pcs/min. 100pcs/bottle,Around 1000-3000pcs/min. 100pcs/bottle,Around 1000-2000pcs/min. Around 2200pcs/min. Around 1400pcs/min. Around 550pcs/min. 100hole,Around 1200pcs/min.
r-tablet 11*7mm Remark Around 3700pcs/min. Around 2400pcs/min. Around 800pcs/min.
Capsule Size #000 - #5 capsule
Round Tablet/pills Size dia. 6-22mm, thickness ≥4mm. It can be customized if the tablet size is larger.
Oval Strip Tablet Size #000 - #5, thickness ≥4mm
Inquiry Questions about parameters? Which model do you think is more suitable for you? or need customized?Click to contact me.


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