Spain-MINIOLIVA Oilve Oil Capsule Filling Machine
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Spain-MINIOLIVA Oilve Oil Capsule Filling Machine

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This is a popular single-dose olive oil production equipment in Spain.

Because of the hot sales of MINIOLIVA brand.In the last three years, we have sold nearly 40 filling machines of this type.Most manufacturers want to get the same packaging effect as MINIOLIVA.

However, I recommend that you do not copy the shape completely, because it may involve appearance patents and brand infringement.If necessary, we will provide you with any shape of customization.

olive oil vials customized shape

Alcala Oliva is a family-run business that has been envisioning  for over 20 years a way to deliver quality, convenience and value in one single-serve. They objective is to bring you an authentic product, a freshly squeezed natural olive juice, known as "Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

Alcala Oliva located in Jaen, surrounded by a spectacular sea of olive trees, in the biggest man-made forest of the planet. The province is the world's largest producer of olive oil, with more than 60 million olive groves.

From olives harvested at their optimum ripeness, they select the best extra virgin olives and the highest quality raw materials. To make a product that is already excellent on its own even more versatile, Alcala have developed a range of vinegars, dressings and flavoured olive oils. They select the best vinegars that rest for a long time in American and French oak barrels and natural extracts and aromas, which give an original touch and allow to experiment with new flavours. They produce and pack all our products in our own facilities in different formats with our brands Alcala Oliva and Minioliva.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds us, Santiago Perez, the founder of Alcala Oliva, came up with an innovative packaging, which has become their distinctive sign. Main features of Minioliva are:

- Authentic outside, with a design that faithfully reflects the fruit of the olive tree, but most importantly, authentic inside.

- High quality and freshness until the opening and use

- Hygienic and convenient: easy opening and non-drip system (no food waste)

- Healthy: achieve your daily suggested requirement of olive oil (2x14ml)

- Whenever you go! For your picnic, at work, at home or to travel

- 100% recyclable: the first single-serve with 100% recyclable monolayer material

- Guarantee: the packaging is a guarantee of origin and traceability.


If you want to produce similar products and packaging methods, please contact me.

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