Turkey-DPP260 Alu Plastic Throat tablet Blister Packaging Machine
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Turkey-DPP260 Alu Plastic Throat tablet Blister Packaging Machine

Views: 36     Author: migrand machinery     Publish Time: 2023-10-13      Origin: migrand machinery

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Our Turkish agent has ordered again.

This is a blister packaging machine for packaging throat tablets.The bottom film is made of PS material, and the sealing film is made of Alu foil, DPP260 model, which can pack five blisters at a time, and the production capacity is about 4500 plates per hour.

DPP-260 blister packing machine

It is suitable for capsule, tablet, honey pill, candy, liquid(ointment), syringe as well as irregular shape al-plastic or paper-plastic packing in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc. Eye marking sealing device with sensor trace can be added for option.

In the video, the machine is undergoing the final test run before delivery to ensure the working condition of the machine and the final debugging.

After testing, the machine circuit is normal, the parameters are set correctly, the blister forming, tablet feeding, packaging, blanking, discharging and other station modules are running normally, and the machine is running stably.

We can see that the shape of the blister produced is regular, the edge is burr-free, the sealing is strict, and all the indicators meet the excellent standards.

The machine is a very mature pharmaceutical packaging machinery, very stable, and affordable, well received by users around the world.

After-sales service: step-by-step operation teaching video, 7 * 24 online technical support, overseas local engineer on-site service (appointment required)

Main Technical Parameters

Model DPP 80-105 DPP 110-150 DPP 155-180 DPP 185-260 PP  DPP 350 DPP-420S DPP-420F(joy egg)
Punch frequency 10-33 times/min 10-35 times/min 10-35 times/min 10-40 times/min 12-28 times/min 6-35 times/min 10-25 times/min
Max. Forming Area 105*70mm 145*110mm 175*110mm 250*140mm 350*240mm 400*180mm 390*180mm
Max Forming Depth 26mm or customized 32mm or customized 26mm or customized
Filling Volume 0.5-75ml or customized 0.5-150ml or customized 0.5-75ml or customized
Stroke range 30-80mm 50-120mm 50-120mm 40-140mm 100-240mm 40-180mm 40-180mm
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Total power supply 220V 50Hz, 2.8KW 380V 50Hz, 3.8KW 380V 50Hz, 3.8KW 380V 50Hz, 8.5KW 380V 50Hz, 8.5KW 380/220V 50Hz 9.7kw 380/220V 50Hz 22kw
PVC hard Film (0.15-0.5)*110mm (0.15-0.5)*150mm ( 0.15-0.5)*180mm (0.15-0.5*250mm PP 1.1mm*350mm 0.15-0.5*420mm 0.15-0.5*420mm
PTP Aluminum film (0.02-0.035)*110mm (0.02-0.035)*150mm (0.02-0.035)*180mm (0.02-0.035)*250mm PP/PE 0.1*350mm 0.02-0.035*420mm 0.02-0.035*420mm
Dialysis Paper 50-100g*110mm 50-100g*150mm 50-100g*180mm 50-100g*250mm 50-100g*350mm 50-100g*420mm 50-100g*420mm
Mould cooling Tap water or recycling water
Overall Dimension 1840*590*1100mm 2315*635*1405 2550*640*1600 3250*710*1700 5250*1110*1900 4300*820*1600 6000*950*2000
Machine Weight 450KG 820KG 870KG 1400KG 3200KG 2000KG 2500KG

blister packaging machine catalog

More machine detail,Please contact me.

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